Useful Links for Photography Research

  • Craig's Daguerreian Registry
    A resource for researching the biographical informaton on American photographers from 1839 to 1860.

    Victorian Image Collection 
    Trying to identify that English man or woman in your image? Take a look here.

    The Daguerreian Society
    An organization for those who love daguerreotypes. They hold an excellent symposium with speakers on a number of topics that you won't hear about anywhere else.

    Photographers of Great Britain & Ireland 1840-1940.
    Background information on the photographers, their studios, their photographs, and their customers.

    The Magic Lantern Society
    This is located in England. A marvelous site for browsing information about magic lantern slides!

    Antique Lantern Slides
    Last updated in 2004 but some interesting information on there about antique lantern slides.

  • Playle's Real Photo Stamp Back Boxes
    How to identify and date vintage Real Photo Postcards from the design of the stamp boxes on the card.

    The National Stereoscopic Association Homepage.
    For everything related to stereoviews.

  • Circus Historical Society
    Great site for researching the identities and backgrounds of performers in the circus who often distributed their images on cdv's and cabinet cards.

    Sideshow World
    Sideshow history, sideshow memories, sideshow stories. Everything related to sideshows. Especially images and performers.

    Little People:
    Midgets, dwarves and others. A helpful site for identifying some of the little people whose images are seen in early photographs.

    A blog in which the blogger/author offers a series of articles about old photographs, photographers and their subjects.