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This page is for images that are a larger format than imperial cabinet size and that don't fit into any other category.

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  • Military Parade
  • Linden Hall Girls School
  • Ulysses S. Grant

Framed Photograph of Military Parade circa 1898-1918

Framed Photograph of Military Parade circa 1898-1918

Large framed photo of what is apparently a military parade through a town. This is a very appealing richly toned albumen photo. It shows a large parade some men on horseback, some with instruments, & many with swords. We do not know if these are all soldiers? Perhaps they are Spanish American War soldiers ? But, we do not really know. The photo was discovered in an estate near Reading, Pa. But, we do not know where the photo was taken.

One of the men on horseback has bars of rank on his shoulders. The men on foot all seem to be wearing the same basic uniform. But, some are wearing different hats. Some of the hats have what appear to be eagle insignias. Other hats have a leaf crest & what appears to be an insignia at the center. Still others have no insignia on their hats.

There is a lot of activity going on in this very interesting photo. People are looking out of windows. kids are walking around on the street. Hundreds, if not a couple of thousand, people line the sidewalks of the town mostly dressed up in their fine clothes. Two of the banners hanging up have the words "Hearty Welcome".

One business sign of interest advertises "T. W. Taylor Merchant Tailor". There are loads of banners hanging all over buildings and also across the street. There are tons of spectators on the sides of the street. We had this photo custom framed around 12 years ago. So, the photo resides in an attractive modern frame.

The frame measures 14 3/4" long by 12 15/16" tall. The original mat on the photo measures approximately 13 3/4" long by 11 15/16" tall. The actual photo measures 9 5/8" long by 7 1/2" tall. Both the photo & the mat & also the frame are in excellent condition.

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Linden Hall Girls' School, Lititz, PA, by Saylor, 1865

Linden Hall Girls' School, Lititz, PA, by Saylor, 1865

Civil War period oval albumen photograph of students, possibly teachers, and headmaster at the Linden Hall School for girls in Lititz, PA. If not the headmaster, then the person with the top hat might be Governor Andrew G. Curtin of PA who granted a charter to the school in 1863 that allowed them to grant degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and other branches of learning. However, on Wikipedia a photograph shows a beardless Governor Curtin. The man in the photograph has a heavy beard which would make it more likely that the man in the photograph is the headmaster rather than Governor Curtin. There are about forty-seven people shown in the photo which is taken in front of one of the school's buildings. Printed under the image is "Linden Hall, West End, 1865. Printed above the left edge of the image on the mat is, "Saylor's New Photograph Gallery, Reading, Pa."

Founded in 1746 by the Moravian Church, Linden Hall is the oldest continuously operating boarding school for girls in the nation and has been educating girls continuously to the current day at its location in Lititz. This image is on an oval mat that measures 8 1/8" by 10". The image shows some fading. The mat and image show some browning. There is a dark squiggly mark from an unknown substance in the left side of the image. The mark is not on the mat. There is a lightly penciled inscription below the right edge of the image on the mat that is very hard to make out. The inscription appears to be "Lon Martin June 1st" with something written after that which we can't make out.

The school's website is at Among the links offered on the website is one labelled History that brings up a video about the history of Linden Hall. An identical image (with the exception of differences in condition) to the one that we are offering is shown in the video.

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Albumen Photo of President Ulysses S. Grant, 1869-77

Albumen Photo of President Ulysses S. Grant, 1869-77

This is a large albumen photo of Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), General in Chief of the Union Army during the Civil War and the eighteenth President of the United States. This angle of this image of President Grant shows his left ear. Most views of Grant show his right ear.

The mat measures 13 7/8” by 10”. There is some aging and toning to the mat. However, the age toning to the mat is much lighter & more subtle on the actual mat than it appears in our listing. There are two small chips out of the left outer edge, and a bump at about the midpoint of the right outer edge. When in the frame, these are under the edge of the frame.

The back of the mat has some browning from being adjacent to the original wood backboard. The image measures 8 3/4” by 6 1/2”. The image is circa 1869 to 1877. There are a few tiny specks of dirt on the image. The photo is a little bit soft in contrast and slightly faded.

Beneath the image on the mat is a printed facsimile signature: “U. S. Grant.” The original frame measures 17 3/4” by 13 7/8”. We have taken the photograph which is on the original mat out of the frame. If shipped, the photograph and the frame and glass will be in the same package but will be separated in the package in order to protect the photograph from any potential damage that might occur during shipping.

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